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Black Friday is coming, click the button float on the right to get a 35% off coupon !
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Meet the World's First Ever 4-in-1 3D Printer

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What do you think after hearing the "3D Printer" word? Most commonly an FDM single color or sometimes dual. Same time the weight is much heavy for easy transport or so many things to do for a successful 3D Printing Experience!

Bear this in the mind, EcubMaker Brings a 4-in-1  Unique design with unique features 3D Printer. Altogether its a bunch of technology products that you may be looking for your first 3D Printer like to be. After lots of surveys and Research about customer demand, we launch this machine in front of tech lovers. With this just one machine, you can do FDM Printing, FDM Dual Printing, CNC carving, Laser Engraving.

Dedicated Laser and CNC functions give this machine a different height. Stable and fast working capability can add some more fun with your printing. If you want to get started on your 3D-printed masterpiece, you can do so right away with this assembly-free printer. And when you need to switch between the four functions, easily replace the tool heads in just a few seconds. So if you need to print a project in two colors simultaneously, you can—and then you can use the CNC toolhead to engrave it. With the two engraving setups, this metal printer lets you carve on wood plastic, leather, cardboard, acrylic, and more. This multifunctional 3D printer prints on a 180 x 180 x 180 mm space, and it practices full-automatic leveling.

What's Do you think more from a 3D Printer with such awesome price and quality. Get your TOYDIY 4-in-1 today. And Start your first print in a week.


We are ready to take full responsibility for your long journey with our 3D Printer. So why look back!

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